The ECUC (Eddy-CUrrent brake Compatibility) project’s objective is to prove that linear eddy-current brake (ECB) is a very effective and applicable solution for increasing the braking capacity of new high speed trains and solving the concerns raised by infrastructure managers by proposing concrete and realistic solutions to overcome the drawbacks that ECB have experienced on some lines.

ECUC project establishes a work plan to demonstrate the technical feasibility of braking systems with eddy current brakes, independent of adhesion conditions, and to clarify the interaction of ECB with track and trackside equipment. In addition a new generation linear eddy-current brake will be designed and a study of electromagnetic incompatibilities and critical thermo-mechanical parameters will also be carried out. As a result, ECUC will propose new designs and engineering and operational guidelines for ECB and signalling equipment, and it will define Technical Recommendations, input for revisions of Technical Specifications for Interoperability.