The third issue of the ECUC Newsletter contains the most important outcomes achieved at the end of the project. To read the newsletter click here.
An extensive interview to Daniel Valderas, ECUC Project Coordinator (ECUC) with the contribution of Gilles Ruaux (SNCF) and Andrea Demadonna (UNIFE) has been published on the issue 188 of the International Innovation magazine. The interview focuses on the most promising findings for greener, quieter and more economic braking technology coming from ECUC. The interview is downloadable here.
ECUC partners have published an article on the scopes and the objectives of the project in the August issue of the Railway Gazette magazine. The article can be viewed here.
The ECUC mid-term event took place on 27th November at Bloom Hotel in Brussels, 30 participants from the European railway industry, mainline operators and ERA were present. During the event, the ECUC partners presented the first results on modeling ECB-signaling system and ECB-infrastructure interaction and discussions on worst case conditions for testing this interaction tool also place. The last part of the meeting was dedicated to exchange of information and fruitful discussions between ECUC partners and external participants.     To have more information on the ECUC project, please contact   
ECUC partners have published an article on the scopes and the objectives of the project in The Parliament Magazine, the publication for the European Parliament and European Commission.  The Magazine is distributed once every two weeks to all Members of the European Parliament, the Commission, Presidency Office, Party political groups and various other EU institutions and the article can be found on its website Download the article here
ECUC partners, led by DB, have run a ECB test campaign in Germany in October 2014. An ICE3 (BR403) was equipped with three different types of ECB and tested on the high speed line between Ingolstadt and Nuremberg. Different types of parameters have been measured: EM signals, temperature, mechanical stress and the impact on wheel sensors readouts. Moreover, an assessment of feeding and AC currents and voltages in the embarked ECBs have been recorded and synchronized with the aforementioned on track measurements. The final results will be presented during public events and the ECUC Final Event during 2015. [gallery]