ECUC participated in the CST European Users Conference 2015 in Darmstadt, 28-29 April 2015

Date: 12.05.2015 | Events

Daniel Valderas – ECUC Project Coordinator – presented the ECUC EM modeling methodology by to the participants in the CST European Users Conference 2015.

Dr. Valderas said that two cases have been studied: the passive presence of the ECB passing by the wheel sensors and the analysis of the ECB when braking with high frequencies emanating from the harmonics of the power supply. To model the ECB, the CST MWS F! Solver for resonant structures was employed in combination with CST DS for EM-circuit co-simulation. In the case of the wheel sensor, the LF! Solver was employed. Data coming from measurement campaign test runs have been used to feed the model and corroborate the results. Worst case interaction conditions can be anticipated by the CST model to alleviate testing procedures. During the event, Dr. Valderas also met software experts to interact and got very positive feedback on the work carried out in ECUC.

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